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Mascots & Large Costumes

Mascots & Large Costumes for Parties and Events!

Choose a mascot for your special event.

Whether it's a children's party, baptism, school festival, opening day or corporate event, the impact will always be great.

Some of the things a mascot can do are:

  • Fun welcoming
  • Giving treats, flyers, etc
  • Posing for pictures
  • Dancing and miming

Some of our mascot costumes are:

  • Cartoon Red Dog
  • Chippy the Dancing Squirrell
  • Lion the King of the Jungle
  • Famous Mouse Duet
  • Famous Duck Duet
  • Funny man abduction by Alien
  • Funny Rabbit out of a Hat
  • Funny Man in Cage Captured by Gorilla
  • Funny Upside Down Clown
  • Delivery Stork, riden by Postman 

Christmas Costumes: 

  • Christmas Reindeer
  • Santa Claus
  • Snowman Mascot
  • Gingerbrtead Man
  • Christmas Tree Mascot

We now accept requests for new mascots!

Choose Mascots for your special event in Athens Greece at Triki Fun.

90€ με 150€, αναλόγως απόστασης και συνθηκών