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Costumes and Outfits (100+)

Costumes and Outfits (100+)

We offer over 100 different costumes that our entertainers transform into to entertain your children! We also cover all other areas needed for a them party!

Party entertainers for girls' parties:

  • Heroines from Fairytales and Cartoons
  • Mini Mouse Party
  • Fairies, Mermaids and Butterflies
  • Princesses
  • Pirates, Indians and Cowgirls

Party entertainers for boys' parties:

  • All Super Heroes and Action Heroes
  • Heroes from Fairytales and Cartoons
  • Pirates, Indians and Cowboys
  • Princes, Kings and Lords
  • Sports Costumes

Party entertainers for toddlers' parties::

  • Baby party smooth costume
  • Spongy Yellow Square Pants
  • Teddy Bear Winnie Cotumes 
  • Colorful costumes
  • Animal costumes

Party entertainers for older childrens' parties:

  • Casual jeans and t-shirt or vest
  • Musical Twister Costume
  • Hip Hop / Breakdance Costume

Seasonal costumes: Christmas Costumes, Casino costumes, Halloween and Carnival Costumes, Easter Costumes and Summer Costumes

Triki Fun is your best choice for Children's Theme parties in Athens Greece!

70€ με 150€, αναλόγως απόστασης και συνθηκών