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Birthday Party at home

Birthday Party at home


With great pleasure, we offer our new ideas for birthday parties at home, with all safety rules that apply to Covidfree suggestions in 2021, which are also in the best possible prices! 

2021. Events and ideas for Athens Greece

The following prices apply to Athens in a radius of up to 15 km and are without VAT.

  • Mascot surprise visit, fully covered person. Was 90€ -> now 40€
  • Video live and entertainment. Was 90€ -> now 40€
    (also check out our package deal below)
  • Recorded video wish. Was 100€ -> now 50€
  • Your lyrics set to music. Was 150€ -> now 90€
  • Singing telegram at your door. Was 90€ -> now 60€
  • Family treasure hunt (at home). We prepare it at your place in 30 to 60 minutes. There is no need for anyone else to be near us until we finish and leave. Meanwhile we connect virtual and guide you during the game while adding our own touch to your entertainment. The final treasure could be provided by us upon further request. Was 180€ -> now 120€
  • Surprise Birthday Cake Delivery! We appear in your favourite hero's costume (vast variety). Was 120€ -> now 40€ (birthday cake price not included)

Package deal: (Video live entertainment), if you have 3 or more continuous live videos in the same costume to different groups of people, then each one is 20€.

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